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Why won’t functions.php load my scripts and styles? [on hold]

I am creating a custom WordPress theme, I have done it once before. I looked at what I did for functions.php before and replicated it, changing the file names.

When I upload this theme, it uploads and does not give me an er…

Display MySQL as part of a Page

I have a database created in MySQL and would like to display SQL quires on a page on my WordPress site. How do I set this up? Is there a plugin I should use? I would like to write my own SQL queries, I just need to know how t…

Why did everything shift to the left of the browser after resizing the carousel images?

I am developing a WordPress theme with Bootstrap Carousel. I resized my carousel images to 1440×416 so they would not take up so they would look like the design I was given. The carousel looks good now but everything has shif…

404 error Additionally 403 Forbidden error on a URL

On my WordPress website i got a error on www.example.com/blog url only as the screenshot.

I already check-

Files + Directory permission, everything is right.
Code on .htaccess, just WP default code there.

Preview .doc Or .docx in single page

is there a way to preview Document file [.docx – .doc] in front single page
without using google drive plugins, because the wordpress project is internally or locally and now way google drive can access it,
i found a plugin …

need to aply a different style sheet for a specific page template

I am working with twenty fourteen theme.
I want to customize the full-width template for my needs, to make it wider on specific pages.
so I copied it into a sub folder in my child theme.

how do I embed styling that will affe…

Fresh new install or keep old version

After 4 years I’m changing my hosting. I installed wordpress 4 years ago and updated it ever since.

Now that I’m changing host, I was wondering if my site could benefit in terms of performance/cleaness with a fresh new inst…

Using the default wordpress uploader inside plugin

I’m developing a plugin which requires some files which the user must upload.

I’ve seen that some plugins (like WooCommerce) seem to use the internal WP uploader.

How do I use it to let wp handle file uploads admin-side?

How to destroy or dispose wordpress uploder/manager?

Can someone help me, I want to destroy my previous media uploder frame and remove all elements they have created to change the media file type but I cant do that, In last of my search, I have found in comments of media-editor…

Comment section not showing correctly

I’ve followed the instructions of all of the comment plugins I’ve downloaded for example Disqus and Livefyre and they both don’t seem to show up correctly, the styling of the comment section isnt showing, it’s just displaying…