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6 Important Things to Contemplate Before Split Testing

Well, suppose you have come up with an impressive design, alluring copy and remarkable flow on your page. Obviously, this new page is the result of […]

Effective Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Video for SEO

Nowadays, the popularity of using WordPress Video has grown rapidly. What is the reason behind it? Well, they make things easier for the online visitors to […]

How the Availability of Different Languages Can Change Your WordPress Site

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Make that perfect WordPress Website with awesome Typography

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WordCamps: An opportunity for meaningful socializing

WordCamps are the best way to experience the power and benefits of the WordPress community. From meeting new people to knowing more what WordPress is capable […]

Creating an Exceptional eCommerce Experience

The eCommerce site may seem similar to the other WordPress sites, as it often shares same plugins or themes, sometimes even content. However, an eCommerce site […]

Best Live-Chat Plugin Solutions for WordPress Website

Website owners, bloggers, marketing personnel along with the web surfers feel that they should be able to converse more in order to avoid complex or unpleasant […]

Real tips that drive traffic to your WordPress site

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Pointers to Boost the Conversion Rate of your WordPress Site

The idea behind investing lot of your effort and time into the designing aspect of your WordPress site is to increase the viewers. This will ultimately […]

Superb Minimalist WordPress Themes 2016

Minimalist themes are trending this year. They help in removing all the fuzz and let you focus only on the important website content. The collections of […]