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WordPress returns to an old version

I’m creating a WordPress site and today it has returned to an old version of himself. I don’t mean a downgrade, but it has changed the slider, menu’s links, widgets, etc to as it was weeks ago.

How can I find out the cause a…

ERP using WordPress

how can I develop my ERP software in garments industry by using wordpress. Is it best to use WordPress to use a ERP using WordPress. Have any readymade ERP in WordPress.

Multisite Subdomains are not showing images

Ok so the problem I am getting is images on a subdomain on the new MU install i made do not show up, The images on the main domain are showing.

Post show up fine on the subdomains.

here is a link to an article with an bro…

Microsoft Security Essentials is blocking my WordPress website in IE11

When I try to browse my WordPress website by using IE11, I get blocked by MS Security Essentials. It works ok with Google Chrome.

Pagination redirect set in .htaccess file is not working

I’m trying to redirect like below but it’s not working.

http://example.com/page/2 -> http://example.com/item/page/2

Below is the source of .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.hogehoge\.com

What is required in the hosting environment for WordPress to process an image into multiple sizes?

I’m looking for source documentation on what hosting environment prerequisites there are for the hosting environment so WordPress is able to process images into multiple sizes.

Why are my Pages all showing the original published date all of a sudden?

Having a frustrating time today with WordPress. I am running 4.7.3 with the Monstroid2 theme from Template Monster. This is running on Nginx, PHP 7.1, MariaDB 10.1 – all latest versions.

Quick history:

  • On March 6 my site auto-updated to 4.7.3.
  • On March 10 midafternoon I
    updated the Monstroid2 theme to the latest version.
  • On March 10
    evening I edited a page just fine using PowerBuilder. That was the
    last time I updated this site and everything was fine.

Today I attempted to edit a page which uses PowerBuilder and when I click the gear on any module, it just gives the spinner and sits.

So I downloaded the newest version of PowerBuilder (v1.4.0) and installed that. It opened the first module I clicked on, but I realized quickly that the content it was showing me was old. Looking at the “All Pages” view, the page which I edited on March 10 shows a published date of 2017/02/07 (the initial publishing). All of the pages show their original publish dates, except the one page I created today.

Yet when I view the revisions of the page, it shows the latest revision and the live page shows the proper content.

I’m really at a loss. Could this possibly be caused by the DNS issue which was released into the wild the other night? My WP News feed on the Dashboard is showing cURL errors as well, but that could be a separate issue.

(Also note that PowerBuilder is still working on the dev site copy of this site, which is on the same server. I’m currently working through a diff trying to figure out what files are different between the dev and prod.)



PS PowerBuilder is back to just spinning when I try to edit any module.

URL Redirect and Bulk Actions in wp_list_table

I am using the Custom List Table Example plugin as a basis to create my own custom list table. Everything is great, except one thorny point.

When I am processing bulk actions via the process_bulk_action() method, I would lik…

Can Someone Help Me Fix This WordPress Missing Argument Error?

I’m building a new website, and I’m using an old custom plugin I had made. The coder is nowhere to be found, email doesn’t work so I’m hoping someone can help me here.

Using the latest version of Wordpress, I now get the err…